ECM Surface Polishing

During ECM surface polishing high quality surface finishes are achieved, suitable for a wide range of applications, and all in one simple and cost effective process.

The electrolyte, specifically designed, removes surface material from the component (anode), with the aid of DC current. The removal of material is stress free, and covers surface imperfections (rough surfaces).The treated surface becomes smooth and shiny. This has given the process the term ‘surface polishing’. The structure of the component is unaffected, only the surface is ‘polished’ and smoothed out. Edges and corners are polished more intensively, which leads to controlled ‘fine polishing’ and ‘extra fine polishing’ across all surfaces.

The results can be reproduced with a high degree of accuracy, which means that components with minute tolerances can be treated safely.

The advantages of ECM surface polishing are:

ECM surface polishing of stainless steel components

ECM surface polished workpart

Etching and passivating

Passivated workpart

In addition, we develop and produce jigs for ECM surface polishing, and custom built galvanisation frames.