Putting down markers for the futur

Creating innovative technology for steady growth!

That is how the development of Kohler ECM-Technik GmbH can be summarised. Gerhard Kohler is one of only a handful of experts in Germany in the field of ECM (electro chemical metal processing and surface finishing).

Kohler ECM-Technik is a competent and reliable partner in the field of ECM. The founder and proprietor of the company, Mr. Gerhard Kohler, has over 30 years of experience of electrolysis technology.

As early as 1988 Mr. Kohler founded “Service fuer Elektrobearbeitungstechnik”, which led to the setting up of KSMA GmbH.

On 1.2.2000 Mr. Kohler founded Kohler ECM-Technik GmbH in Schoental-Bieringen.

Mr. Kohler has based his company on his high level qualifications, and his decades of experience of electrolysis technology.

Well known companies have appreciated for decades his competencies and reliability.

Mr. Kohler has developed innovative and sophisticated machines and processes, and has become a specialist for providing solutions in many industry sectors, such as combustion engines and fuel injection systems in the automotive as well as the ship building industry.

Your technological challenges are matched by the capabilities of Kohler ECM-Technik. Our objective is to develop and perfect new ECM technology solutions.

Mr Kohler