Our Philosophy

The customer is at the centre of all our activities. We want to solve his problems. The cooperation with our customers is based on openness, trust, and close partnership. People determine the progress.

Our aim

Our aim is to satisfy the demanding requirements of our customers quickly and reliably. We achieve this aim, internationally, with innovative ECM products, all encompassing solutions, and a wide ranging sub contract manufacturing package.


The basis of our activities is the continual readiness to question the status quo, and to search for better solutions in all we do. The number one priority for us is:

The long term satisfaction of our customers

We offer comprehensive solutions, tailor made for each application. Every part due to be ECM processed is studied in detail before a specific solution is crafted.

Whether it is in ECM machine design, the construction, or production – even the most demanding customer requests are transformed into solutions, all under one roof.

We specialise in:

Customers, both domestic and international, utilise more and more the versatility of our product range, which comprises of standard machines, one off machines to customer specifications, new designs, reconditioning and repairs of existing machines, and of course also the subcontract manufacturing service.


Maintaining high standards of quality and reliability is an integral part of our company. Quality means maximising the benefits for our customers.