Extract from "Heilbronner Stimme" (a South German daily newspaper, translated)


“The ‘electrolysis wizard’ is to be found in Bieringen”

(By Manfred Stockbuerger)

If there is such a title as the ‘Inventor of Hohenlohe’, it describes Gerhard Kohler perfectly. “I simply thought about it and worked something out”, says the budding entrepreneur from Schoental-Bieringen. And big guns of the German business community are paying attention to his technology. For example MAN – electrolysis is the magic formula. The technology is very simple in principle: during the electroplating process material is added uniformly onto a surface, during electrolysis material is taken away. The key is, according to Gerhard Kohler, that the structural integrity of the component is not weakened at all. The result is incredibly smooth surfaces. And – if it is done correctly – specific surface contours can be achieved. In layman’s terms: holes in the correct places. A good example are fuel injection nozzles for MAN marine diesel engines. How does this technology end up in Bieringen? Answer: Gerhard Kohler.

G. Kohler first came into contact with this technology during his spell with a company in Jagsthausen, called Grauert. He later took over this firm and their customer base when the owners retired. Throughout that time, and usually outside normal working hours, he attended college and obtained additional qualifications, including electronic engineering and SPS engineering.

On the one hand he offer subcontract manufacturing to his customers – mainly high tech companies in the Hohenlohe area. This includes deburring, polishing, contour machining and drilling.. On the other hand he builds ECM machines. “When customers feed back that everything is going well, this is like applause for a performing artist”, he says. And starts thinking already – how can he make the next machine even better.

copyright Heilbronner Stimme 29.1.2003

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