Welcome to Kohler ECM-Technik

Experience leading edge solutions to production problems here at Kohler ECM-Technik in Schoental, and learn about the benefits offered by ECM technology (electro-chemical metal processing and surface finishing)

We can inform you comprehensively about futuristic solutions to your production challenges in the areas of:

Performance out of passion,
  putting down markers for the future

We create quality with the aid of state-of-the-art ECM technology.

Flexibility, reliability, and innovation are a given for our demanding customer base. To satisfy the demands of our customers is a daily benchmark for our experienced team of ECM technology experts. We are convinced that we also have the suitable ECM solution for you.

It is our aim to satisfy the demands of our customers quickly and reliably. We achieve this aim, worldwide, with innovative ECM products, all encompassing solutions, and a wide ranging sub contract manufacturing package.

Your technological challenges are matched by our capabilities. Our objective is to develop and perfect new ECM technology solutions.

Our mission: always one step ahead!

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